Uitstel van betaling

Eén van de maatregelen van de overheid om ondernemers door de corona crisis te helpen is het geven van uitstel voor het betalen van belastingen. Dat kan pas op het moment dat je een aanslag hebt ontvangen die je moet betalen. Heb je dit nodig? Neem dan contact op per email. The government helps companies … Lees meer

Income Tax

All entrepreneurs and freelancers are required to complete an income tax return each year. Normally you will receive an invitation for this at the start of the year. The standard deadline for submission is 1 April. Just like salaried employees, entrepreneurs are required to pay tax on their earnings. Salaried employees receive a useful summary … Lees meer

VAT or Turnover tax

Almost every entrepreneur or freelancer is required to charge VAT (BTW) on his goods or services. This VAT must then be paid to the Tax Administration (Belastingdienst). If you are required to charge VAT, you may deduct the VAT you pay on your expenses, subject to conditions. This is not as simple as sounds though! … Lees meer


Entrepreneurs are required to keep accounts. Your accounts must include: • The invoices you send • Receipts for everything you buy for your company (not everything though – they must be for purchases you make for your business) • Your bank statements • A record of what you spend and receive in cash each day … Lees meer